Best Firefox 3

During my previous story on Myspace Apps, I mentioned how I have gradually distanced myself from the site as I became more of a Facebook user. It’s come to the point that I only go on Myspace to check out the music pages, which I think may be the only thing it has an upper hand on.

One of the most hilarious add-on features for the upcoming Firefox 3 browser is the “” plug-in. According to the description on the download page, this will kick up a pop-up window whenever you go to Myspace to make sure you do, in fact, want to go go there and that this wasn’t an accident.

You can download this plug-in by clicking here. Can’t wait for the full Firefox 3 release, which should be next month!

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Apply yourself on MySpace

Nowadays the only reason I ever go to MySpace is to visit my favorite musical artists’ pages and listen to their songs for free. My friends seem to have followed suit – just logged in and my friend feed is just about dead. The reasoning behind today’s visit to MySpace is their launch of MySpace Apps. Much like the applications available on Facebook, you can now add these new features to your MySpace page: they vary from games, sports, utilities, schools, and even dating.

The leading application so far is the Truth Box with 463737 installations, followed by with 194905 installations. Those that I have installed onto my page are located under the “Who I’d like to meet” section and positioned one after the other – it doesn’t appear as if I can customize the location.

The addition of MySpace Apps is a great step in catching up to Facebook, and if these applications are a lot more fun than whats currently out there I can see a lot more of my friends coming back.

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