New Facebook Homepage Image

Tried to log-in to Facebook this morning, and was surprised to see this new image on the homepage.  I personally like it (it’s already an improvement over nothing) and though there are plenty of images simialr to this, Facebook is ahead of everybody in terms of social networking.


Facebook is not an employer paid benefit

There’s a story on The Visible Enterprise about a survey done by Telindus, an IT services provider, on subjects such as if people would leave their job if they didn’t get access to Facebook.  WTF.

Please don’t quit your job because they don’t let you get on Facebook.  Especially when you have a full-time job that provides you with health insurance, 401K, paid vacation, and sick leave.

I went through almost two years without any of those benefits as I tried to find a place in my job field after graduating college.  It sucked!  I could never afford to go to the doctor because prescription medicine costs too much, I couldn’t take off work because I wouldn’t get paid for not being in the office, and I couldn’t even think about saving for retirement because I wasn’t making a whole lot of money – but I had access to Facebook!

Really, it doesn’t add up.  And you probably shouldn’t ask them in your interview whether they do or not.

Unless you work for the government, there are other ways to keep in contact with people, like through AOL instant messenger or Gmail.  If they don’t let you download the AIM software, you can still log in through Gmail, but you need Internet Explorer 7 or the latest Mozilla Firefox version to do so.  There’s also Meebo.

Facebook finally lets me chat too

Earlier this month I wrote about how Facebook was testing out a new chat feature which was only then available on certain networks. Well after two weeks of waiting I’m finally cool enough to use it! I had wondered if the chat feature was an application you’d have to sign up for, but it looks like everyone gets to use it by default.

There’s a pop-up window at the bottom right corner of the homepage when you first sign in introducing you to this new feature, and it has a similar set up to Google Talk in that a green dot means you’re available and a red dot means you aren’t. There’s also a crescent moon image next to a person who is idle. All chat boxes and the chat list are positioned on a horizontal bar (like a status bar) that is fixed at the bottom of the web page. Like Gmail, you have to keep Facebook open in order to chat, and it doesn’t appear as if you can pop out the chat box from the bar.

Some of my friends on the same network has had the chat feature since a few days ago, I wonder why it’s only available to me this morning? I like to think they gave those members who spend way too much time Facebook stalking the first shot. Anyway, my initial impressions are positive: I like this a lot. I have more friends on Facebook then I have screen names of for my AOL Instant Messenger or Google Talk contacts, so i can talk to a lot more people. I just don’t know how often I will use it.

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Chat With Those You Facebook Stalk

Facebook launched a beta chat widget this past Saturday to a select few networks. Now you can tell who’s really on Facebook entirely too much. I’m not sure if I’d ever really use this, since I regularly have AIM or Google Talk open when I’m online. It might be real useful if you could IM those you aren’t friends with to clarify if you know each other first, but of course there are security precautions with that idea as well. Hopefully it will launch soon to a network near you.

[ via Tech Digest ]

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Facebook Love

CNN has a great article on Facebook, specifically the “In a Relationship” feature. Check it out – it is all too familiar to those who Facebook stalk their friends, as it tells the glaring truth 24/7.

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