Spam 2.0

The Washington Post has a great article in today’s paper about web 2.0 sites and malware. Go give it a good read by clicking here. This is one point I didn’t know about:

But wait a minute–how can people get away with selling programs for breaking into your PC or stealing your identity? Simple: Selling malware is not directly illegal in the United States (or nearly anywhere else). Only using it is illegal.

Well damn.


Twitter Problemos

Tried to tweet today to update my life, but got this image instead.  Is Twitter becoming too popular for it’s own good?  Hmmmmm I wonder…

Flock could be my new favorite browser

Since I’m all about Web 2.0, it’s kind of ridiculous that I didn’t check out Flock a lot earlier. I was just a lot more comfortable with Mozilla Firefox, and I customized it to my liking to include several different themes to choose from and plug-ins such as Cooliris Previews and Piclens to make my browsing easier.

However, Flock just caters to all your social media needs from the startup. Everybody has a Facebook page and most include Flickr, YouTube, and Twitter in their daily online browsing – Flock makes it easier to keep track of your friends on each account without having open each site yourself. I especially like how I can publish a new blog post without having to open up my blogging software (though I admit that’s not the case here, as I couldn’t figure out how to position the image to the right of my text). You can even upload images to Flickr and video to YouTube using the 10 key buttons located at the bottom of the basic web browser buttons (see image).

It will probably be a little overwhelming on your first go around with the browser, but the more you use it the more you’ll become familiar with all the available features and it may end up your favorite browser yet.

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Apply yourself on MySpace

Nowadays the only reason I ever go to MySpace is to visit my favorite musical artists’ pages and listen to their songs for free. My friends seem to have followed suit – just logged in and my friend feed is just about dead. The reasoning behind today’s visit to MySpace is their launch of MySpace Apps. Much like the applications available on Facebook, you can now add these new features to your MySpace page: they vary from games, sports, utilities, schools, and even dating.

The leading application so far is the Truth Box with 463737 installations, followed by with 194905 installations. Those that I have installed onto my page are located under the “Who I’d like to meet” section and positioned one after the other – it doesn’t appear as if I can customize the location.

The addition of MySpace Apps is a great step in catching up to Facebook, and if these applications are a lot more fun than whats currently out there I can see a lot more of my friends coming back.

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Facebook finally lets me chat too

Earlier this month I wrote about how Facebook was testing out a new chat feature which was only then available on certain networks. Well after two weeks of waiting I’m finally cool enough to use it! I had wondered if the chat feature was an application you’d have to sign up for, but it looks like everyone gets to use it by default.

There’s a pop-up window at the bottom right corner of the homepage when you first sign in introducing you to this new feature, and it has a similar set up to Google Talk in that a green dot means you’re available and a red dot means you aren’t. There’s also a crescent moon image next to a person who is idle. All chat boxes and the chat list are positioned on a horizontal bar (like a status bar) that is fixed at the bottom of the web page. Like Gmail, you have to keep Facebook open in order to chat, and it doesn’t appear as if you can pop out the chat box from the bar.

Some of my friends on the same network has had the chat feature since a few days ago, I wonder why it’s only available to me this morning? I like to think they gave those members who spend way too much time Facebook stalking the first shot. Anyway, my initial impressions are positive: I like this a lot. I have more friends on Facebook then I have screen names of for my AOL Instant Messenger or Google Talk contacts, so i can talk to a lot more people. I just don’t know how often I will use it.

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YouTube gets a new logo for Earth Day

I was reading something on Digg about how Rickrolled got started, which led me to YouTube, and half-way through the video did I realize that there’s a new logo!

Gone is the familiar red background behind the white “Tube” portion of the logo, and replaced with an image of a global map. The “You” is also changed from solid black letters to what I think is a starry night image? I don’t know – hard to tell without enlarging it. The favicon is still the older logo though, wonder if they’ll change that too. Happy Earth Day!

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WordPress Gallery

I just saw the video on the 2.5 version photo galleries. This is just a test post to see how it works with

Hmm, kind of cool! Hate the borders though, did the CSS to get rid of them for individual images but can’t find the code for galleries…help me if you know it!

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