Best Firefox 3

During my previous story on Myspace Apps, I mentioned how I have gradually distanced myself from the site as I became more of a Facebook user. It’s come to the point that I only go on Myspace to check out the music pages, which I think may be the only thing it has an upper hand on.

One of the most hilarious add-on features for the upcoming Firefox 3 browser is the “” plug-in. According to the description on the download page, this will kick up a pop-up window whenever you go to Myspace to make sure you do, in fact, want to go go there and that this wasn’t an accident.

You can download this plug-in by clicking here. Can’t wait for the full Firefox 3 release, which should be next month!

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Flock could be my new favorite browser

Since I’m all about Web 2.0, it’s kind of ridiculous that I didn’t check out Flock a lot earlier. I was just a lot more comfortable with Mozilla Firefox, and I customized it to my liking to include several different themes to choose from and plug-ins such as Cooliris Previews and Piclens to make my browsing easier.

However, Flock just caters to all your social media needs from the startup. Everybody has a Facebook page and most include Flickr, YouTube, and Twitter in their daily online browsing – Flock makes it easier to keep track of your friends on each account without having open each site yourself. I especially like how I can publish a new blog post without having to open up my blogging software (though I admit that’s not the case here, as I couldn’t figure out how to position the image to the right of my text). You can even upload images to Flickr and video to YouTube using the 10 key buttons located at the bottom of the basic web browser buttons (see image).

It will probably be a little overwhelming on your first go around with the browser, but the more you use it the more you’ll become familiar with all the available features and it may end up your favorite browser yet.

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